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Nicole is a professor of academic upgrading, Ontario certified teacher, author, and founder of The Fulfilled Classroom. She has a Masters degree in Education and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources. After more than a decade in the elementary classroom, Nicole now trains and mentors teachers, creates classroom resources, writes children's books, and offers workshops on teacher and student wellbeing. She believes that all classrooms can thrive on a foundation based in gratitude, mindfulness, and growth mindset.

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I love to share ways that educators can bring more joy and wellness into their classrooms. Sessions will be a combination of inspirational and motivational principles as well as practical tips and strategies to bring more social-emotional awareness to the classroom.

Current Keynotes

Social-Emotional Learning Skills & Love Math Journal

There's no doubt that practicing gratitude has many benefits. But why practice gratitude in math class? Well, because the many benefits of a gratitude practice directly align with what we are instilling in our math students. These include lowering stress and anxiety, and increasing resilience, communication, decision making and problem solving skills. This workshop is based on the Love Math Journal and focuses on areas of Social-Emotional Learning in Math. We walk through the benefits of journaling, affirmations, gratitude, and growth mindset and how applying these to math class will increase student engagement and a love of math.

Changing Classroom Culture Through a Gratitude Practice 

Most of The Fulfilled Classroom's resources are rooted in gratitude. The reason for this is that gratitude has been proven to be one of the healthiest of all human emotions. There are a plethora of benefits to practicing gratitude, such as increasing joy, happiness and one's sense of fulfillment; decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression; boosting the immune system and lowering blood pressure; better communication and problem solving skills; stronger relationships, and increased feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. People that practice gratitude are also more likely to set goals and follow through on their goals.

Our children are bombarded with messages and feelings of "not enough" every single day. If we could teach our children how to appreciate the little things and everyday moments in their lives, and to love and accept what they have and the people they are, then we can help set them up for a happy, successful, and fulfilled life.

Implementing a simple gratitude practice can drastically change the culture of your classroom or school, and it's as simple as starting with two minutes a day.

Author Visit (The Little Things, or Love Math Journal)

An author visit is a great opportunity to get students excited about reading and give them a glimpse behind the scenes of the writing process.


The Little Things Storybook: Depending on the ages of your students, I will talk about being an author, read my book, "The Little Things: Finding Gratitude in Life's Simple Moments" and lead the students through an engaging activity on gratitude. Reach out to schedule a virtual or in person visit with your class! (30-45 mins)

Love Math Journal: For grades 4-8, I will introduce the Love Math Journal and get your class engaged in some discussions around math and their mindset. We will also do a hands on activity. (30-45 mins) Available virtually or in person.

Speaking inquiry and quote

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