Gratitude is a simple concept really. It's the act of being thankful or appreciative to someone, thing, or circumstance. It takes very little effort to practice, but the payoff is immense. When we practice gratitude regularly, we start to see amazing shifts in our lives, because whenever we appreciate something, we attract more of it.

This page is full of resources to help you implement a gratitude practice both in the classroom, and at home.

Gratitude Activity Pack

This pack includes seven engaging activities:

  • Scavenger Hunt/BINGO

  • Tic Tac Toe

  • Gratitude Jar

  • ABC's

  • Word Search

  • 30 Day Challenge

  • Dice Game

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Implementing Gratitude in the

This 20 page eBook has information, benefits, strategies, and tips on implementing gratitude in the classroom. It also includes journal pages, prompts, and posters for your classroom.

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Gratitude Prompts

Get your students engaged in writing while focusing on gratitude. These daily prompts help to boost morale, create joy, and teach our students how to be thankful for the people and things around them.

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Gratitude Lesson for 
"The Little Things"

Use this lesson as a way to introduce gratitude to your classroom through the story, "The Little Things: Finding Gratitude in Life's Simple Moments".

Whether you're looking for a read aloud that teaches the importance of gratitude or are looking for a journal to implement a daily gratitude practice, check out our book page! 

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