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The Little Things

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There are so many things to be grateful for. A lazy afternoon watching clouds drift by; blank pages in a notebook; waking up to the surprise of a snow day.

Help children understand what gratitude is, and why it’s important to practice it, with The Little Things. As the two children in the story create their own gratitude journal, your children will learn about all the things they have to be grateful for. Through the cycle of gratitude, they’ll see that the more thankful we are for the good things in our lives, the more we will have to be thankful for. And it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Writing my first children's book has been a labour of love and I hope it brings joy to many classrooms and homes.

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The Little Things Journals

Daily Gratitude for Tots, Kids, and Teens

The Little Things Journal series are cheerful gratitude journals for children of all ages. They are filled with unique  age  appropriate,  open-ended prompts and inspirational quotes.

The journals covers topics such as gratitude, mindfulness, friendship, positive affirmations, growth mindset, and healthy habits.

You can use them at home or in the classroom to get your students in a positive frame of mind to start their day, or as an end of day task to solidify their positive take aways.

These journals were inspired by Nicole's book "The Little Things: Finding Gratitude in Life's Simple Moments". The story book teaches children the importance of gratitude, and this journal gives them a place to actually put it into practice.

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Love Math Journal

Available here & on Amazon

What big, wild, amazing goals do you want to accomplish in your life?


If you look deeply enough, you will find math in everything. Math can help you do better at sports, music, art, and video games. It'll help you become a race car mechanic, own a salon, or create a successful YouTube channel. Math teaches you how to tackle hard challenges, pick yourself up when you fall, and think outside-the-box to figure out how to accomplish the intimidating, yet inspiring, things you’d like to do.

Whatever your goals are, math can help you reach them. That is the beauty of math.

I created this journal with Allison Dillard, math professor, podcast host, and author. It is full of journal prompts focusing on growth mindset and gratitude in math class, and includes dozens of affirmations and motivating quotes. There's nothing like this on the market and we are so excited to share it with you!

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