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TLT kids say cover (4).png

Capture the funny, wise, and innocent moments of your child's life. The words and phrases that escape their lips can be pure magic. They remind us of the joy of discovery, the power of imagination, and the simplicity of love. By recording these quotes, you're not just preserving words but also the essence of your child's spirit.

This journal is a place to capture your child's clever thoughts, funny comments, and important insights they share with you. It is an invitation to pause, appreciate the gift of parenthood, and find joy in the little things and everyday moments.

This journal is more than just a book; it will become a keepsake filled with the laughter, wisdom, and love of your child. A treasure to pass down for generations to come.

Each page includes space to write:

  • Date

  • Who said it

  • Child's age

  • Quote

  • Context

The journal is sprinkled with thoughtful and clever quotes about the beauty of childhood and growing up.

It makes a great gift for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers.

Morning inspiration cover.png

This journal is meant to become a daily habit that helps you focus on creating the life you want and becoming the best version of yourself. It has been inspired by combining different habits and journaling ideas from a few gurus in the personal development space. This journal consists of three areas: your top 10 dreams or goals, affirmations for yourself, and gratitude.

This is a great way to build the foundational habit of journaling in order to set yourself up for success and fulfillment in life. By focusing on your top 10 dreams or goals each morning, you will give yourself a vision for your future and the motivation needed to go after your dreams. Focusing on what you have in your life that you are grateful for increases feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

This journal is a daily reminder of what you have to be grateful for in your life, the kind of person you strive to be each day, and the dreams you are currently making a reality.

There are three months worth of pages in this journal with dozens of inspirational and motivational quotes.



Love Math Journal cover.png

What big, wild, amazing goals do you want to accomplish in your life?


If you look deeply enough, you will find math in everything. Math can help you do better at sports, music, art, and video games. It'll help you become a race car mechanic, own a salon, or create a successful YouTube channel. Math teaches you how to tackle hard challenges, pick yourself up when you fall, and think outside-the-box to figure out how to accomplish the intimidating, yet inspiring, things you’d like to do.

Whatever your goals are, math can help you reach them. That is the beauty of math.

I created this journal with Allison Dillard, math professor, podcast host, and author. It is full of journal prompts focusing on growth mindset and gratitude in math class, and includes dozens of affirmations and motivating quotes. There's nothing like this on the market and we are so excited to share it with you!


Interested in a free hardcopy or bulk pricing?  

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