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Spark a heartwarming journey of reflection and positivity with this ready-to-use resource. The Christmas 25 Days of Gratitude & Reflection is made for teachers seeking to infuse their classrooms with a spirit of gratitude, reflection, and kindness during the holiday season.


Each day in December offers a new seasonal prompt, encouraging students to engage in meaningful self-reflection, reminisce about memories from the past year, contemplate goals for the upcoming one, and embrace daily acts of kindness that spread joy and warmth.

Festive 25 Days of Gratitude: Christmas Gratitude Prompts & Year-End Reflection

  • Sample Prompts include:

    • Make a list of things you are grateful for about the holiday season
    • Draw or write about something beautiful you saw today
    • What is your favorite food during this season? Is there a special significance?
    • What was a surprise joy that happened to you today (or this week)?
    • what was a challenge you overcame this past year? how did you grow or learn from it?


    Included in this resource:

    • Explanation about why gratitude is important during the holidays and some teaching notes
    • 25 different gratitude prompts (one per page) related to the holiday season
    • Pages to record:
      • My favorite things of the season
      • Memories made this past year
      • Setting goals and wishes for the new year
    • Random Acts of Kindness ideas
    • 2 holiday quotes


    Ideas for using this resource:

    • Morning message
    • Morning bell work
    • End of day activity
    • Small or large group discussion
    • Writer’s workshop theme 
    • Literacy center
    • Transition activity
    • School/home connection activity - encourage students to continue to write on non-school days 
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