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Source energy

One of my favourite personal development books is “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. I like her no BS, tell it like it is attitude, and her somewhat crass humour. I love hearing stories how sceptics overcame their limiting beliefs and are now harnessing their inner “badass” to create amazing things in their lives. 

I have read many books on the ideas and science behind the Law of Attraction, or source energy as Jen Sincero likes to call it, and I never tire of hearing stories of how others’ lives became magical once they leaned into this energy.

It works like this:

The entire universe is made up of source energy. Everything in the universe. Including us. All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Since we are made up of this energy, we are vibrating at a certain frequency. Everything we desire (and don’t desire) is also vibrating at a certain frequency. 

According to the law of attraction, vibration attracts like vibration. Therefore, whatever frequency we are vibrating at attracts situations, things, people, opportunities at that same vibration. If we focus on what makes us feel good, we’ll attract what makes us feel good. And vice versa.

When we are in a low frequency (feeling needy, pessimistic, victimized, jealous, shameful, worried, etc.), we attract more things at this frequency. And guess what, that will keep us feeling these low frequency feelings. It can be a vicious cycle. (Ever have those days when you’re saying, “Nothing is going right for me” or “It’s just one of those days.”) Low vibration.

We need to raise our frequency in order to attract that which vibrates at a high frequency. The feelings you feel when you’re at a high frequency are feelings like love, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, compassion, and gratitude.

Can we actually raise our vibrations just like that?

You bet. When we’re having an “off day” or in a really bad mood about something, we can absolutely change our mindset by leaning into some high frequency emotions. Start thinking about someone you love, or a fond memory, or something you’re grateful for, and your vibration instantly increases. 

We have the innate power to harness our reality. We need to believe that everything we want is available to us and keep this belief strong by staying connected to source energy. Picture the universe as an all-you-can eat buffet filled with amazing experiences, opportunities, ideas, insights, things, people, and ways to share our gifts. If we align our energy with what we want and take decisive action, we allow more good to flow into our lives. 

We need to have our energy and vibration working in unison with our actions. Hence, if you dislike your job and have really negative feelings about going to work every day, regardless of how hard you work, you will not be in alignment and will find yourself having to work extra hard for your results.  

I know it’s not a coincidence that when I started focusing on the parts of my job that I loved, I felt like I got to do those things more often and amazing opportunities presented themselves to me without having to put a lot of effort into creating them. I was complaining less and less and looking forward to more and more of my days. This momentum built on itself like a snowball effect and I had so much gratitude for what was unfolding in my career. 

Your energy has to be aligned with what you desire. If you remain strong in the belief of this source energy and that your dreams can be your reality, and you take decisive action (based on your desires), you will eventually succeed.

Even if it seems impossible, you need to have faith anyway. The second you stop believing, you pop the bubble and stop attracting the magic in your life. We live in an abundant and kind universe. Believe it and you will see the magic start to unfold. 

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